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Praise for David’s last film from Critics (german)

What’s it about:

Florian Baumgartner is commissioned to write a feature article on his childhood friend, the well-known and controversial filmmaker David Mosbach. Reluctantly Florian sets off for Berlin – only to find out that David disappeared without a trace days ago. When he views David’s work for the first time, he is horrified: not only do Mosbach’s films overstep the boundaries of good taste, but they are also bordline sadistic. The police suspect that the films are of real murders and start an investigation.

For Florian, this is the beginning of an odyssey through the seamy side of Berlin, where he has experiences that go beyond anything he has ever imagined. All the while, the clock is ticking: he must decide which side he is on before it is too late.

Richly atmospheric and brilliantly plottet, this thriller is about friendship and betrayal, the strength of visual images, and the power of illusion.

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